What processes should you outsource to a bilingual call center?

Outsourcing plays a crucial role in empowering growing businesses to reach a wider market. Rapidly expanding brands commonly outsource to a bilingual call center so they can communicate better with their target customers. This helps entrepreneurs penetrate even the most diverse sectors and establish great relationships with their clientele whose culture may be different from theirs. Read more

4 Questions to ask a bilingual call center manager

Outsourcing your business’ customer service is probably one of the biggest decisions that you would have to make during your entire career as an entrepreneur. But if properly done, outsourcing can have defining impacts on your business. It can help you increase company revenues as you aim to surround your enterprise with loyal and dedicated customers. Read more

5 Barriers to employee engagement in call centers

Although business owners do not interact directly with their outsourced customer service agents, they are not exempted from enhancing employee engagement. Rather, looking after the customer service team is one of the most important tasks that managers should devote their attention to. This would enable them to create an atmosphere of teamwork by motivating and mobilizing employees. Read more

Spanish business etiquette 101

Language and culture play an important role in defining how business is done in a country. Compared to other countries in Europe, transactions in Spain are more lax. They take their time to know their business partners carefully before entering into any social bond. As a matter of fact, social bonds weigh more to them than written contracts. Read more