What processes should you outsource to a bilingual call center?

Outsourcing plays a crucial role in empowering growing businesses to reach a wider market. Rapidly expanding brands commonly outsource to a bilingual call center so they can communicate better with their target customers. This helps entrepreneurs penetrate even the most diverse sectors and establish great relationships with their clientele whose culture may be different from theirs.

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When we talk about bilingual outsourcing services, however, the first thing that may come to your mind is voice customer service. To this day, even with the widespread availability of various communication devices, the phone still remains one of the most effective tools for getting in touch with customers. But aside from voice services, there are other equally important business processes your brand must outsource.

Ensuring that all your business needs are covered will strengthen your international strategy. Here are the top three services that bilingual outsourcing companies provide.


1.     Multichannel customer service

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Customers use a variety of channels—email, phone, and social media—to get in touch with the people and organizations they care about. You must also be present in these channels so you can make the most of every customer interaction. This way, you can provide flexible and responsive services, allowing you to be there for customers every time they need assistance.

Partnering with a bilingual call center that provides multichannel solutions is a cost-effective way of doing this. Plus, their multilingual capabilities will let you eliminate issues that may arise due to cultural and lingual differences. This will ensure that you and your customers truly understand one another, letting you build trust and loyalty.


2.     Tech support

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Providing technical support is challenging mainly because you have to deal with complex information. But it’s even harder when you and your customers don’t speak the same language. Confusion may escalate rapidly, and this will impede problem resolution.

To prevent this, brands must seek the help of bilingual outsourcing companies that are well-versed both in the language they need and in tech support delivery. Some third-party providers also offer translation services, so technical documents such as product manuals can be rendered into a language your customers can understand. This optimizes people’s experiences in using your products.


3.     Content moderation

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Online content plays a major role in marketing, especially as customers use the web to research about brands and their products. Therefore, organizations must keep their online reputation spotless by making sure that their social media accounts and websites are free of offensive language or images and spam. Often, such posts can be found among user-generated content: comments, forum posts, and reviews. It’s therefore important to have a content moderation team that can remove unwanted content from your sites.

However, monitoring user-submitted posts may be difficult if your customers use different languages. For this, you must partner with bilingual or multilingual outsourcing companies that can moderate your content and speak your customers’ language.



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