5 Factors that cause burnout among your call center agents

Call center agents are exposed to plenty of stressors. They converse with irate clients every day and come up with suggestions to solve customers’ issues. And on top of these interactions, they also need to consistently pass quality scores and meet quotas. Working under such stressful conditions, combined with erratic schedules, can take a toll on their health, emotions, and mental state.

If these are not addressed immediately, your employees will burn out. This leads to low employee engagement, decreased productivity, health concerns, and eventually, high attrition rates.

These are the five factors that can cause burnout among your customer support agents.


1.     Unreasonable amount of workload

employee stressed out overworked

Increasing agents’ workload to unmanageable amounts can cause exhaustion, which can lead to burnout over time. Although assigning large volumes of tasks may happen more often than anticipated, it must be avoided as much as possible. You can address this by distributing tasks evenly among employees and setting reasonable deadlines.


2.     Monotonous and repetitive work

stressed out call center rep with headache holding glasses headset

At some point in their careers, call center agents may start to feel that their job is too repetitive. Having to deal with irate clients five days a week and repeating the same spiels over and over can take a toll on them. To reverse this, agents are encouraged to take breaks often and pursue other interests outside work. Otherwise, they will be stuck in a repetitive work cycle.


3.     Unclear standards and roles

problematic confused bilingual call center agent at work

From the beginning of the hiring process, agents must know and understand their role and what’s expected of them. These must remain consistent after they are hired and during their stay in the company. They will also need adequate information and the right tools to perform their customer support duties properly.

When performance standards are unclear, however, employees will not be able to perform as effectively. Their confusion and uncertainty can lead to frustration and low productivity.


4.     Poor management

confused call center agent speaking with annoyed customer service team leader

Poor management and unsatisfactory work relationships can push agents to burn out. When surrounded by negative people and biased administration, employees’ morale decreases. This can lead to underperformance. In their frustration, burnt out employees may also adopt a negative attitude toward colleagues and clients.


5.     Insufficient training

frustrated silent call center rep looking at laptop

When agents lack the knowledge and skills they need to perform at their best, they will not be able to meet the demands of the job. Tensions will rise during interactions, as agents may not be able to provide the answers that customers need. They will not be able to meet your call center’s goals, which then leads to them feeling demotivated.



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