Common misconceptions about offshore outsourcing

Despite its power to boost customer relationship and business advantage, some companies are still reluctant about offshore outsourcing. This is because of some common misconceptions that have been surrounding the industry for years. But since these are mostly unproven, they shouldn’t prevent you from getting an overseas partner.

Contrary to negative notions, offshoring can actually bring numerous benefits to your business. Partnering with a firm overseas can undeniably raise the bar of your customer service standards. To shed light on this matter, here are the some misconceptions that need to be clarified:


1.     It saves cost, but compromises quality.


Before the boom of call centers, companies only consider outsourcing to reduce cost. They put their budget into good use by seeking overseas organizations that offer cheaper labor. However, this doesn’t mean poor quality of service. Since outsourcing providers have experience and expertise in areas that their clients lack, companies turn to these firms not just to get the most out of their money, but also to work with skilled workforce that can deliver excellent customer service.


2.     Training period is time-consuming.


This is only true during the start-up phase of the outsourcing deal. After the initial training, you can confidently rely on your partner to hold regular training sessions and refresher courses to old and new employees. Call centers follow a strict hiring process to ensure that every agent they get share the same values and skills of your in-house team.


3.     Language barrier is a problem.


Language barrier is a top concern of most companies that want to tie up with organizations outside their country. This doesn’t come as a surprise, since communication is a big part of customer service. For Spanish clients, it’s a must to outsource to a country with similar language and cultural background as theirs. Also, ensuring that your service provider hires native speakers who undergo regular training is vital. This guarantees that your Spanish-speaking clients can easily converse with a representative whenever they need assistance.


Offshore outsourcing is a strategic move to leverage your resources that can place your business on top of the competition. These misconceptions can only have some truth to it if the outsourcing partner you choose cannot live up to standards. So, partner up with a provider that can enlighten you about your venture and bring more advantages to your company.



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