5 Ways to promote teamwork in a bilingual call center

For a bilingual call center, great teamwork translates to better customer service. Here are five ways to promote camaraderie among agents.

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Teamwork is one of the most important aspects of workplace management. For call centers, it’s the key to optimizing the quality of customer service they deliver. Strong teams built upon mutual trust, professionalism, and smooth dynamics always perform better than poorly organized ones.

For a bilingual call center, promoting camaraderie must be made top priority. Such organizations are typically made up of individuals from various cultures. Given this workplace diversity, it’s even more crucial to get employees communicating and working together harmoniously. At the same time, however, it’s also more challenging for managers to create a work environment that fosters these conditions.

To enhance the dynamics within your team, you need to find the balance between two main things: efficient team management and employee engagement. Here are five ways to do that.


1.     Make communication a priority.

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There are plenty of ways to encourage members of your team to communicate with each other. You can schedule regular meetings wherein everyone can talk about the projects they’re working on. Meetings like these are also great for casual chatting, brainstorming possible solutions to an existing problem, and sharing work-related ideas.

During these group huddles, leaders are in charge of creating a relaxed atmosphere. When agents feel comfortable enough with you and with one another, they’ll find it easier to voice out both their positive and negative remarks.


2.     Design training programs for agents.

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Training sessions can be a great opportunity for agents to interact with one another, all while they’re learning something new. Bringing together your team members in these coaching sessions will let them challenge one another in a healthy and professional way. Aside from boosting employee engagement, training programs enhance people’s skills, enabling your bilingual call center to deliver better customer service.


3.     Be culturally sensitive.

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Embracing workplace diversity means you must be familiar with the different cultures of your call center agents. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be better prepared to interact with employees without the risk of offending them unintentionally. Being culturally sensitive would encourage your agents to trust you, making them feel more comfortable in the office.

It’s also important to promote this attitude among your employees. Making cultural sensitivity part of your organizational culture would let you build a strong team.


4.     Do something fun with your team.

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Socializing together outside of work is one of the best team management practices all managers should make time for. You and your team can go out on organized team outings or spontaneous dinners. Aside from letting your employees unwind and have fun, these activities are a great time for them to get to know one another personally.


5.     Create a positive environment.

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When faced with difficult tasks, your agents may suffer from low morale, making them prone to exhaustion and poor performance. During these times, it’s important to encourage your agents to think positively. Let them know that they have you, as well as their teammates, to rely on. Recognize the individual strengths of your employees, and if possible, talk to them one-on-one to encourage them to do their best at all times.



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