5 Criteria for choosing a business process outsourcing company

It can be quite difficult to choose the best customer support provider for your firm. You need to consider several factors at once, and the company you’ll choose must be able to uphold your brand’s goals and vision.

In the selection process, therefore setting benchmarks is important. This would let you carefully evaluate your prospective business process outsourcing (BPO) company based on standards that are aligned with your company’s goals.

Here are the five criteria you should use when picking a customer service provider.


1.     Impressive track record

mature businessman looking at small employee through magnifying lens

Conducting a background check on your potential partners will allow you to assess which among them is best suited for your business. From operations to their finances, find out whether they have a good track record. You may start by asking for references of their clients and checking out their reviews online. This can help you decide if your prospect can truly be trusted and whether they can meet your expectations.


2.     High service levels

Each contact center has different service levels. Typically, service levels pertain to the number of transactions that a call center can handle within a given amount of time.

You and your prospective provider need to discuss this, along with other performance metrics, before signing an official contract. This way, you can set the highest possible achievable targets that your provider can commit to.


3.     Modern technology

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One of the benefits of partnering with a business process outsourcing firm is gaining access to their modern tech tools and facilities. Through offshore outsourcing, you no longer need to invest in expensive tools and train a pool of agents to use it.

To ensure that the company’s facilities are of world-class quality, however, make it a point to ask them about the specifications of their tech infrastructure. You may also visit their site to see their tech setup for yourself.


4.     Seamless multichannel services

Having the latest tech tools and applications isn’t enough. Customer support providers must also be able to utilize these technologies fully so they can keep up with new communication trends.

These days, customers expect brands to be present in multiple channels, such as the phone, email, social media, SMS, and web chat. Your outsourcing company must thus be able to provide seamless and hassle-free services across these touchpoints. This means hiring skilled employees and continuously providing trainings to hone agents’ skills.


5.     Cultural compatibility

multicultural business employees

As much as possible, you need to partner with a provider who’s familiar with your language and culture. Cultural compatibility promotes trust and understanding, letting you and your call center form a solid business partnership.

Thus, as you look for an outsourcing provider, you might want to consider those located in the Philippines. Because of their exposure to the Spanish culture, they have absorbed some bits of their language and have also picked up some of their traditions. These cultural and language similarities will let you communicate with one another clearly and effectively.



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