5 Barriers to employee engagement in call centers

Although business owners do not interact directly with their outsourced customer service agents, they are not exempted from enhancing employee engagement. Rather, looking after the customer service team is one of the most important tasks that managers should devote their attention to. This would enable them to create an atmosphere of teamwork by motivating and mobilizing employees.

The two major steps that managers should take to make their employees happy are (1) safeguarding agents’ general well-being and (2) providing them a healthy work environment. Satisfied workers produce exemplary results and deliver better customer service. However, as a manager, you should also be aware of the leadership lapses that you may be guilty of.

Here are the five most common mistakes that managers commit when it comes to employee engagement in call centers.


1.     Breaking promises


One of the fastest ways to lose your employees’ trust and dampen their motivation is to break your promises. Your team members will surely appreciate your honesty, not to mention that they expect you to stay true to your word. Do not promise a reward for your employees just to make them happy; make sure that you intend to see them through.


2.     Inefficient time management


Indeed, all companies face overwhelming volumes of tasks that they need to complete on a deadline, but do not let this be an excuse to require employees to work overtime. As a manager, it is your responsibility to devise an efficient schedule to make sure that you can accomplish your projects on time. Too much work can hinder employee engagement, as it results to burnt out, unproductive, and unhappy agents.


3.     Poor leadership skills


Strong leadership is an essential ingredient in addressing work-related problems and encouraging employees to stay focused on their tasks. Poor management sets a bad example for agents, and they can easily become disengaged if their leaders appear withdrawn and unconcerned.


4.     Lack of accountability


Often, employees feel as though their contributions are negligible not because they think their work is actually meaningless but because they do not feel a sense of belonging in their workplace. This happens more often in large organizations, as it is harder to find peers in such settings. If you want your agents to perform well, you should emphasize the unique value and role they play in the company.


5.     Inadequate communication


Inadequate communication is not just about the amount of time you spend interacting with your employees. Rather, it is the quality of communication that brings people closer. Starting and maintaining a dialog with your staff is important to promote transparency and foster better professional relationships.

Enhancing employee engagement is especially important in call centers, as it directly influences the staff’s performance. Addressing the common mistakes that managers commit in handling their people is a good way to start creating a healthy office environment.