4 Questions to ask a bilingual call center manager

Outsourcing your business’ customer service is probably one of the biggest decisions that you would have to make during your entire career as an entrepreneur. But if properly done, outsourcing can have defining impacts on your business. It can help you increase company revenues as you aim to surround your enterprise with loyal and dedicated customers.


To achieve this, you want to provide only the best services for your customers, and you can do this by taking your work processes to the best outsourcing companies. However, for Spanish businesses, finding the right bilingual call center to entrust your services to is an even bigger challenge.

How do you know that a call center can successfully handle some of your business’ tasks and responsibilities? Here are four questions you should ask a call center manager to gain insights into the company’s capability in the field of customer service.

1.     How long have you been in the industry?

While a company’s length of experience in the industry is not a perfect indicator of its capacity, you can learn a lot from organizations that have survived several years, or even decades, in the market. These outsourcing companies have probably faced several failures, challenges, and victories, and such experiences help them improve their systems and processes. Thus, they know how to avoid failures and are well-prepared to handle unavoidable problems.

2.     What do you know about the Spanish market?

Of course, you want to outsource to a bilingual call center that knows your market. If they aren’t familiar with your customers, their characteristics, and their preferences yet, it will require a lot of adjustment. It’s better to find a call center that already knows what Spanish customers expect from service providers to ensure a smoother interaction between brands and clients.

3.     How did you handle unfavorable issues in the past?

Strategic management is perhaps one of the main reasons behind every company’s success. When it comes to failure, however, organizations should also implement a strategic approach to guide its employees on how to handle, and bounce back from, unexpected setbacks. Knowing that a call center can overcome a big challenge when it comes will ensure you that they can take care of your business even in the midst of unfavorable circumstances.

4.     What is your company’s vision?

For outsourcing companies, having a well-defined customer service roadmap is everything. This helps them become competitive in an industry known for its dynamism. You can take a look at a company’s future plans and see how they fit into your own. What innovations can you expect from them? How can they help your business transform as the market changes?

For Spanish businesses, outsourcing to a bilingual call center presents with plenty of opportunities for marketing, customer care, and business development. To provide the best service, the four questions above will help you find the best provider for your brand.



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